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The Dish Professionals Team Members

Ryan Brand – Managing Partner

Ryan Brand

Ryan Brand is a managing partner and founder of the Dish Professionals. Born in Fruit Heights and currently living in Sandy, he is the proud father of three beautiful children. Ryan began the Dish Pros in 2002, choosing satellite TV service as a product that would be valuable and beneficial to Utah customers. With a strong background in management and sales, Ryan owned and operated several successful businesses prior to starting the Dish Pros, as well as serving as a national sales executive for NBO. In addition to his role at the Dish Professionals, Ryan Brand also serves as the acting president for the Utah Sportbike Association and sit on the board of a major condo community homeowner’s association.

Jamie Stagg – Managing Partner

Jamie Stagg works as a managing partner with Ryan Brand for the Dish Pros. He joined the Dish Professionals in 2003 as a subcontractor and quickly earned his place as managing partner in 2004. He is strongly committed to the growth and success of the company, and his business-minded approach, strong management skills, and superior communication skills are essential elements of the company’s success. Born and raised in Sandy, Jamie is an accomplished salesperson and has successfully managed and operated multiple local companies prior to joining the Dish Professionals.

Andrea Cocetti – General Manager

Andrea Cocetti is the general manager for the Dish Pros. She has been with the Dish Professionals since 2004 and feels a strong ownership in the company and a commitment to its customers. With over 20 years of experience in electronics, management, and customer service, Andrea is truly a valuable asset to the Dish Pros. She is always willing to go the extra mile for customers and sets a strong example of commitment and caring for the rest of the office and Dish Pros employees.

Josh Gothard – Office Manager

Josh Gothard is the office manager for the Dish Professionals. He has been a Dish Pros employee for nearly 10 years and holds numerous daily, monthly, and yearly sales records for the company. Josh is extremely knowledgeable about the services and products available through the Dish Professionals and has consistently held the top salesperson position for his knowledgeable, effective, and customer-minded focus.